Why You Could Be Losing Money by Not Outsourcing Content Creation

~ “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair ~

It should come as no surprise that on the subject of content creation outsourcing, I am biased. As a freelance content writer, the more businesses’ that are comfortable with the concept of outsourcing the easier my life will be.

But, my happiness aside, there are other convincing reasons to consider outsourcing – all of which will contribute to the health of your business’ revenue.

One big reason for investing time and money in content marketing, I presume, is to save money. After all, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. But, not everyone maximises the potential savings. Not everyone understands how.

One way to do it is to outsource content creation. Something that makes some business owners uncomfortable. But, before you break out into cold sweats at the thought of letting go of some aspect of your business, allow me to explain.

Economy of Content Creation

One of the most important questions when it comes to content creation is, “What’s the cost?” And the answer is that multiple factors affect the cost.

For example, are you building an in-house content marketing team or will you rely on agencies and freelancers? That one decision can have a huge impact on the company budget.

If building a team, for example, you might hire a writer with a salary ranging between £18,000 ($26,000) and £47,000 ($69,000).

The expected salary will depend on your industry and the level of experience you expect the writer to have, but it is important to note that the above figure covers the salary only.

Employee benefits, costs of hiring, training, variable production costs, and turnover costs also need to be taken into consideration.

You can, of course, eliminate much of those costs when you outsource content creation. For starters, you do not have to burden your company with the budgetary weight that is an ongoing salary.

You only pay for content as and when you need it or as your budget dictates.

Furthermore, there are no hiring or firing costs; no responsibility for training and development, and no need to offer company benefits.

Employer Match 401(k)

Expertise in Motion

Even if you already have a marketing team in place, chances are their expertise in content marketing is limited. In-house marketing staff seldom have the broad knowledge and experience needed for effective content marketing campaigns – unless you have specifically trained or hired for each role.

Does your team know the ins and outs of SEO, Inbound Marketing, content distribution, social media engagement? All that and more will be required knowledge for whoever creates content for your brand.

You may need to invest time and money turning the team, or at least certain individuals into content marketing experts. On the other hand, you could spend that time finding freelance content creators or an agency that already has the specialist knowledge and experience needed.

That could also mean quicker implementation of your content marketing strategy as there will not be the usual delay associated with training in-house staff.

Perspective from the Outside

Perspective is an often undervalued aspect of content marketing. Some business owners, included me, carry out most of the work themselves. That is often unavoidable, particularly in the early stages of business when money is not flowing freely.

But, having someone else create at least some of the content does provide some much-needed perspective on the business.

No doubt you have heard about the perils of being too close to a project – it’s difficult to see the bigger picture. A fresh perspective from “outside” eyes is useful in all areas of business, but can be most advantageous in content marketing.

Working with freelancers or an agency allows you to get the outside perspective needed to craft and distribute the most effective marketing message for your brand.

Different Perspective

Scale with flexibility

These days’ content production is a numbers game; the brand that can put out the most content with the highest quality is usually the most successful.

But, can you scale your in-house content creation team quick enough, or even big enough, to meet the needs of your company? And if you do scale adequately, will it be sustainable?

Adding more employees and taking on all the financial baggage that comes along with that process is not the best answer. A better alternative is to build up a team of trusted freelancers or work with an agency and access hundreds, if not thousands of content creators. That way you can benefit from greater flexibility and less baggage.

If you ever need to scale back operations, you simply reduce the number of freelancers, avoiding the arduous and sometimes painful task of making redundancies.

This article is heavily biased in favour of freelance content writers, so I will balance the scales slightly by saying this. If you do have a large budget, in-house content creators can be a good option for you. You will be able to maintain the brand voice easier and alter projects on the fly.

However, if like many new businesses, you need to watch the pennies, then outsourcing content creation is the way to go.