Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.” ~ Seth Godin

About Me

I create written content that fuels business growth. That is a bold claim, I know but stick with me here. Content marketing has significantly evolved from the “one blog post per week” requirement that might have worked a few years back.

Now, brands must come up with increasingly creative content strategies to outshine the competition and engage audiences. Without a steady stream of high-quality content, it is difficult to grow a business these days. And here is where I play my part.

As a freelance writer with almost four years’ experience, I understand how important great content is to businesses. With great content, a brand can convey its personality, build trust amongst audiences, and resonate with customers more powerfully than the competition.

Why Chris Clayton?

Chris Clayton Cartoonized

There is no shortage of capable content writers. So, the question is, why should you choose me instead of someone cheaper, more experienced, and better looking? The quick answer is shared vision and high-level client service.

I am not the best writer around. Nor do I have decades of experience writing for high-profile clients. What separates me from many writers, however, is my ability to align my skills with the business goals of each client.

By taking the time to truly understand my client’s objectives, I can develop a shared vision. Only then can truly extraordinary content be created.

Now, what is extraordinary for one brand might not work for another, but through the process of alignment, I will be able to create bespoke content that speaks with your voice and achieves the aims of your brand.

From topic generation and keyword research to image sourcing and publishing, I will create written content that works for you.

Certified Content Producer


I am always striving to learn and improve. The following certifications are as a result of my quest to master the art of content marketing. You can count on my ability to not only write great content but to put that content to work as well.

  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, 2016
  • Digital Marketer Content Marketing Mastery, 2015

Have questions about me, content marketing, or the meaning of life? Get in touch now – [email protected]